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0065 6272-1201
1C Russels Road, Alexandra Park, Singapore 118281


Welcome to Eton Hall

为什么选择伊顿学生公寓?Why choose Eton Hall?

1. 公寓设有24小时安保系统,为每位同学提供安全保障。
24 hours CCTV security and Card Access system
2. 公寓设有专业化的管理团队,全年无休入驻公寓,为学生提供全方位服务。
A team of capable staff available 365 days to cater to your needs
3. 公寓配备巴士(1-2趟/天)到达不同的地铁站,为学生提供出行便利。
Shuttle bus service to different MRT station
4. 公寓设有 OBIKE单车停放点,为学生提供短程出入的代步工具
Bicycle rental service provided by OBIKE available for students as well
5. 公寓提供高速稳定的网络服务,保证每位同学的网速稳定于1-2M/秒。
High speed and stable WIFI service at 1-2M/sec
6. 公寓提供人性化服务,学生假期期间,超过30天,可以申请以下两种假期留位政策:
• 预留床位,假期期间保留原房间床位,个人物品、行李留存,合约免费延长15天
• 非预留床位,假期期间清空床位,个人物品、行李须整理带走,合约免费延长30天
During school vacation, 2 optional service available under contract: Minimum of 30days away on vacation, you may reserve your place without vacating and Eton Hall will extend another 15 days of stay without extra charge.
If you vacate the room for more than 30 days under contract, you may continue your contract after your return without any charge for that period.
7. 公寓的同学分别来自于中国、美国、欧洲、俄罗斯、韩国、越南、马来、印度等20多个国家,国际化氛围浓厚,为学生提供良好的语言和学习环境。
Students of different countries staying at Eton Hall giving you advantage of cross cultural exchange among students and learning of languages

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